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SME/Instructor Responsibility for Course Content and Records Management

EHS Training is responsible for tracking and archiving all training content and all revisions to this content as official records per DOE Administrative Records Schedule. This applies to all training content (Instructor-led, e-learning, practicals).

Your role as the SME/Instructor/Content Owner is to alert EHS Training when you make changes to content. We have a process for archiving and tracking all content and all changes to content. To do this we need to know what changes you made, so we can compare these to the basis (original) content. sWe need to officially track and version all “Major changes”

Purpose: Aside from this being a DOE requirement, the best way to think of this is to think of it from a legal standpoint. If the legal department asks for a copy of a training course that person x completed in 2003, EHS training needs to supply that content. We do this by archiving all content so that we can request the content (on demand).

You must report all "Major" changes to course content so that we can manage this and archive the records. Submit changes using this form:

Major change: Examples of major changes include:

Minor change: Examples of minor changes are:

If you make a major change to a course, please submit this to us immediately

James Basore
EHS Training Manager