EHS 0205 - Crane/Hoist Operator Practical Training (Greater than 2 ton)

For first time operators, EHS 0205 practical training is to be completed after completing EHS 0206 classroom training. If you have already completed EHS 0206, or this is a refresher training, please continue.

These are the steps for completing EHS 0205

  1. Complete a medical exam at Health Services (510) 486-6266 to schedule appointment.

  2. Watch the crane safety video (go here to view video)

  3. Complete the online written exam Go here
    1. NOTE: This is an open book exam based on PUB 3000 Chapter 27. You should reference this to complete the exam

  4. Schedule a practical
    1. The practical training is provided by qualified practical instructors. Please contact Mike Kincaid the Cranes Program Manager to determine who can provide the practical ([email protected])