This webpage is for the following Respirator Trainings:

EHS 0310 Respirator Training or Respirator request

If you would like to request a respirator, please email [email protected] with the following information:
  • what type of respirator you are requesting (half-face, full-face, etc)
  • where you will working (building and room number(s),  
  • potential hazards you may encounter that require a respirator (i.e. silica dust, chemical vapors, rad contamination, etc)
  • estimated duration and frequency of the task(s) requiring a respirator, 
  • what WPC Activity you're working under
Once we receive this information, you will receive a referral for a medical evaluation from Health Services. After that is completed, we will reach out again to schedule the respirator training/fit testing session.

If you need to schedule your annual refresher appointment, please fill out this Google form

Thank you
EHS Respiratory Protection Program