Hazard Waste OPS/ER Training:

If you need to take any of the training listed below, please contact one of the following vendors to register for an offsite training session.

To register please visit: www.lohp.org/hazardous-waste

Labor Occupational Health Program (UCB) - http://lohp.org/hazardous-waste/
Hazmat School: https://www.hazmatschool.com/osha-8-hour-hazardous-waste-supervisor-training-1000/
NES -https://www.nesglobal.net/
CAL Inc. - http://www.cal-inc.com/training/classes-hazwoper.php

EHS0650 Hazard Waste OPS/ER Training/24hr
EHS0652 Hazard Waste OPS/ER Training/40hr
EHS0653 Hazard Waste for Supervisors
EHS0654 Hazard Waste OPS/ER Training/8hr (refresher)