EHS 0370 Lockout Tagout for Authorized Persons Training

Starting in June 2022 these trainings are being held onsite as in-person courses. Each course is a 2 hour session that includes an opportunity to practice the hands-on skills of LOTO.

Who can enroll:
This course is only available to NEW staff who are required to complete this training as part of a WPC work authorization requirement. If this is not your first time taking this class, or you do not have this course listed as “Required” on your Berkeley Lab Training Profile do not enroll until your work lead has added you to an activity that requires this training. 

Staff that need to refresh this training, please contact the LOTO program manager, Katherine Johnson @

What to expect:
The training will be held in Building 26 Room 124. This room has a capacity of 12, but we are limiting capacity to 6 participants per session to allow for ample distancing. The Lab’s COVID requirements are explained at

How to enroll:
Self register using this link:

NOTE: If, for any reason, you do not want to join an in-person training you can contact the training manager James Basore to discuss options for satisfying this requirement


EHS 0373 LOTO for RI

To schedule contact Katherine Johnson