Electrical Safety Courses

This webpage is used to explain the registration process for electrical safety courses that are held in-person. Some of these courses you sign up independently, and others you contact the training office to enroll.

QEW Provisional Approval Course Codes

These course codes are used by the Electrical Safety program to indicate whether a person's online QEW application has been approved. If you are approved you will receive credsit for the course. This application is used by individuals who want to become a Qualified Electrical Worker.

QEW I, QEW II, QEW III Training enrollment

QEW 1, QEW II Practical Certification

EHS 0570 Electrical Safety for Capacitors

EHS 0571 Electrical Safety for Batteries

EHS 0572 Electrical Safety for UPS

EHS 0537 Electrical Injuries and Emergency Response

Contact [email protected] to determine when this will be available.

EHS 0581 Construction Subcontractor Electrical Safety Training

This training is for construction subcontractors who perform electrical work. To register for this training, please contact the Lab's Electrical Safety Officer Ari Harding [email protected]