How to enroll in Capacitor/Battery and UPS Trainings
In order to enroll for one of these training classes you need to contact Katherine Johnson (ext 4933) or Stephanie Collins (ext 4914) in Electrical Safety.   These courses are not available for enrollment using Self Service.
The reason you are asked to enroll through Electrical Safety is because many of the courses have prerequisites or need to be completed in a certain sequence. Before being added to the Google Calendar Invite for these classes, the prerequisites will be checked to make sure you meet them. 
These courses are not required for you to maintain your Qualified Electrical Worker AHJ Approval Status.  These are Special Hazard classes in addition to the other QEW classes. 

Prerequisites for EHS 0570 Capacitor Safety:

Prerequisites for EHS 0571 Batteries: 

Prerequisites for EHS 0572 High voltage / low current: 

Prerequisites for EHS 0573 UPS: