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Orientation and Other Required Training

Please note the following orientation and training links that you should visit if you haven’t already done so.


Required Trainings

Recommended Orientation & Readings


Required Training


Important Resources, Website Links, and Major Conference Links

Quick Access to Berkeley Lab Information

A good place to quickly look for information is the Berkeley Lab home page.

Other quick-access links include:

Of Special Interest to New Employees

  • Berkeley Learning Lab Institute (BLI)
    The Berkeley Lab Learning institute (BLI) website is a resource with links to a variety of online and offsite employee development opportunities, such as new employee and supervisor online briefings, assessment tools, online books and courses, tuition assistance, and offsite classroom leadership and skills development courses. If seeking a former BLI workshop that could be delivered in the Division by an external instructor and/or to consider options for an external coach for a manager, go to Division Resources and contact your local HR Division Partner for assistance. To learn more go to BLI's webpage, Employee Resources.
  • Tuition Assistance
    The tuition assistance program is for career employees. It’s one way we encourage employees to continue their educational pursuits. If you take a pre-approved course that’s related to your position or career, you can have two-thirds of the tuition fee reimbursed. If it’s part of a degree program that we have pre-approved, the Laboratory will reimburse the full tuition amount.

What Other Information Would Help You Get Oriented to the Lab? 

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