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Diversity and Inclusion Vision

Berkeley Lab has a tradition of multidisciplinary teams working together to bring science solutions to the world. Fostering a diverse workforce—in experience, perspective and background—and culture of inclusion are key to attracting and engaging the brightest minds and furthering our record of scientific excellence and groundbreaking innovations.

Diversity and Inclusion are key initiatives of Berkeley Laboratory's vision. Diversity and inclusion strategies include:

  • Take Leadership on Diversity & Inclusion
  • Broaden and Refine our Recruiting and Hiring Process
  • Grow Our Own
  • Ensure a Family-Friendly Workplace
  • Assess and Address Our Equitability
  • Awareness and Communication

You are encouraged to visit our Diversity and Inclusion website for more information on our diversity and inclusion strategies, resources, and news.

Diversity and Inclusion Guiding Principles

At Berkeley Lab, we are committed to conducting great science and fostering technological advancement to solve the world’s most challenging problems and to answer its most elusive questions.

Just as science reveals nature’s diversity, science organizations reveal their own nature by the diversity and inclusion they foster. Diversity of people and thought is part of our unique social fabric and a key to our research success. It is also a daily and personal commitment -- and an expectation.

Each employee has a role to play. Every employee has a responsibility to act.

We believe in the Laboratory’s mission to share the benefits of scientific discovery with the world. We also respect the differences in our workplace community.

In doing so, our actions are guided by the following principles:

  • Listen to others and encourage collaboration.
    We are stronger as a group when our uniqueness is valued.
  • Reach out if you see someone confused or in need.
    We are concerned about others.
  • Treat others with respect.
    We believe in fairness for all.